The YIZUMI C Series multi-component injection molding machine is designed for enhanced quality of life and individualization. Focused on stability and customization, the Custom Series aims to bring vibrancy and diversity to everyday life. Clamping forces range from 1,600 to 8,000 kN.


Machine Introduction Video

Machine Introduction Video
Clamping Unit
Balanced force clamping technology
- The BFC technology delivers high platen rigidity, long mold life.
- Easily-adjustable processes and minimized possible flashes and better ensures molding accuracy and stability.
Digital closed-loop positioning control technology
The DCPC technology enables the turntable to rotate smoothly without impact and position accurately.
Magnetically levitated turntable technology
The turntable is designed with magnetic levitation (for 160T/260T) to reduce frictional loss, increase the movement reliability and prolong the life of turntable.
Injection Unit
Modular injection unit combination
Customization is available through the flexible combination of injection units according to different processes requirements and flexible software functions.
High-rigidity low-inertia injection unit
With the adoption of low-inertia moving parts, the injection movement response is quick and the injection accuracy is further improved.
New-generation PID temperature control
With the self-adaptive PID temperature control, the static temperature control accuracy is up to ±0.4 degrees centigrade.
L/V Independent Injection Unit
Independent V injection unit
- Independent V-type injection unit adopts independent modular design to meet the combination needs of injection molding machines of different tonnages.
- With YIZUMI's optimization design, the removal of the injection unit provides more mold height for convenient installation and disassembly of molds.
Independent L injection unit
- Independent L-type injection unit adopts independent modular design to meet the combination needs of injection molding machines of different tonnages and different brands. - Flexible injection unit is convenient for using, providing series functions including core pulling, sequential valve, hot runner and synchronous action.
Control System
The powerful and responsive industrial controller for multi-component injection molding machine can accurately and synchronously control several injection units, and exchange data with turntable by synchronous communication in real time to achieve turntable accurate positioning.
- Remote on-line monitoring of production
- Unlimited parameter storage through USB
- Statistical process control (SPC) for multiple injection units
- Setup and tracking of key movement curves
- Early deceleration and positioning control of movements
- Up to 128-zone built-in hot runner control extension
- Integrated control of auxiliary equipment
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A6 Series 3rd Generation Servo Hydraulic General Purpose Injection Molding Machine

To ensure "reliability and stability" in the A6 large tonnage machine family, we've enhanced repeatability to 3‰ for product weight and offer clamping forces of 1,200-18,500 kN.

CE-P Series High-end Electric Multi-component Injection Molding Machine

The CE-P Series, ideal for auto parts, medical, and 3C electronics, offers advanced technology and efficiency. With refined control, quiet operation, and energy efficiency, it maintains YIZUMI's versatility and reliability. Clamping forces: 1,500-5,500 kN.

C-NTW Series High-end Multi-component Injection Molding Machine

YIZUMI C Series multi-component injection molding machine is tailored for an era that craves enhanced quality of life and individualization. Emphasizing its core values of stability and customization, the Custom Series pledges to infuse vibrancy and diversity into our everyday lives. Available with clamping forces from 1,600 to 4,800 kN.

D1M Series Two-platen Multi-component Injection Molding Machine

YIZUMI MultiPro offers multi-component molding with advanced technology, simplifying production with one step. Leading in this field, YIZUMI provides high-end solutions. Clamping forces: 5,000-24,000 kN.

Multipro Multi-component Injection Molding Solution

From two-color to four-color machines, two stations to multiple stations, small tonnage to large tonnage, and vertical rotation to horizontal rotation, to realize multi-component injection molding of colored products or composite products.


One-step molding to get a perfect surface.


Car lights and multi-color daily necessities.


Provide more economical injection molding solution for multi-color and multi-component product.

Surface Planeness Testing

Rapid response Accurate detection.

Service Process

Process/Mold Analyse and Design
  • Raw materials selection
  • Product design
  • Mold flow analysis
  • Mold design suggestion
Equipment Selection Suggestions
  • Product performance
  • Product quality
  • Ease of use
  • Safety requirements
Whole Plant Planning Advice
  • Planning of production line
  • Arrangements for people, machines, and materials according to process flow
  • Peripheral automation
  • Smart connection
Delivery Solutions
  • Professional installation and debugging
  • On-site operation training
  • Molding process training
After Sales Solutions
  • YFO services
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Device upgrade
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