Advanced industrial molding equipment system and service provider

YIZUMI is not only a world-class molding equipment manufacturer but also a leading turnkey solution provider for molding equipment. By gathering global wisdom, we combine multiple professional capabilities and develop new ideas. To better satisfy various marketing demands, we try hard to promote technological progress and achieve diversified product coverage and global operation. We are committed to providing more advanced molding equipment system solutions with a better return on investment for global customers and strive to develop ourself into a world-class and respectable enterprise leading in scale and influence.

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90,000 +
Machines operate successfully
200 million +
Average annual R&D investment
4000 +

Enterprise Strategy

Be a world-class enterprise in molding equipment
Focusing on molding equipment, YIZUMI has been committed to promoting the technological progress and providing feasible and sustainable molding equipment solutions with the most return on investment for global customers, by gathering global wisdom, so as to develop our company into a world-class and respectable enterprise leading in scale and influence.
Global expertise solutions for the world
Why do we exist? Is it a commercial success? Is it incremental value? Or the meaning of feelings? The answer is, all. With its commercial success, YIZUMI is a world-class enterprise providing global customers with molding equipment system solutions. The value of YIZUMI is to create a future with global wisdom. The significance of YIZUMI is to add an outstanding Chinese enterprise to the world.
In the past, we used to say that compared with Western companies, the technology of Chinese companies is "we can also do this kind of technology". But now and in the future, all over the world, what YIZUMI wants to achieve is "stronger and better".
Think forward/Swift responce/Strive higher/Advance together
Thinking open, being enterprising, and keeping constant innovation.
Fast responding with a global perspective.
Always working harder and making progress.
Positive, reliable, and success of each other.


With a global operation strategy, YIZUMI deepens its global layout, connects global intelligence resources, and creates value for global customers.

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YIZUMI Green Universe

Green Development Initiative

Green is the symbol of life and the color of nature. It is not only the color of our machine but also the represent our vitality to make continuous innovation, uphold technology-oriented business philosophy, and promote new material and new process innovation in energy-saving machine and recycling economy, as well as our green production and environment.

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Under the “dual carbon” and new energy strategy, adopting cleaner energy and reducing energy consumption will be the trend of the industry and market. As a globalized enterprise, we can feel the changes in early stage in global markets and anticipate the challenges in the future, so as to constantly increase the investment in innovation and energy saving strategies, and pursue environment-friendly enterprise development. In this way, we have shown our sense of responsibility as one of Chinese manufacturers to the world.

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Social Responsibility
While the equipment business continues to grow, Yizumi has always remembered and fulfilled its social responsibilities and obligations as a corporate citizen, actively carrying out social commonweal activities, developing with local community harmoniously and caring employees’ physical and mental health.
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Company News
Latest News
Join YIZUMI in Shanghai to Shape the Future of Die Casting
July 10-12, 2024
Shanghai New International Expo Center, China
Booth A22 in Hall N1
YIZUMI Shines at IPLAS 2024 with High-Speed Packaging Machine
June 14-17, 2024
Chennai Trade Centre, India
Booth B169 & B170 in Hall 2
YIZUMI FF Electric Machine Presents at HanoiPlas 2024
5-8 June, 2024
Int'l Center for Exhibition, Hanoi, Vietnam
Booth 445

Investor Relations

A Company Listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange
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  • Richard Yan /Chairman and CEO
  • Jinghua Liang /Vice Chairman
  • Tao Zhang /Deputy general manager
  • Zhou Jun /Deputy general manager
  • Zhuokun Yu /Deputy general manager
  • Donghai Li
  • Liyao Chen
Board of supervisors
  • Jiancheng Wen /Chairman of the board of supervisors
  • Chunfeng Zhang /Supervisor
  • Hongyun Liang /Employee supervisor
Independent directors
  • Xiaochun Yin
  • Qiyu Chen
  • Yong Yang
  • Liang Zhou

Stock Code:300415

A Company Listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Date of Listing: January 23, 2015


As an advanced molding equipment system supplier, YIZUMI has been deeply engaged with customers in comprehensive support for their ability to face innovation challenges in the future.

Advanced Scientific Research Institution
International Leading Technology Company

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