Constant dedication to the development of green molding
By gathering global wisdom, we combine multiple professional capabilities and develops new ideas, to meet the customer demands, promote the technological progress, and achieve diversified product coverage and global operation.

From value to responsibility

Under the “dual carbon” and new energy strategy, adopting cleaner energy and reducing energy consumption will be the trend of the industry and market. As a globalized enterprise, we can feel the changes in early stage in global markets and anticipate the challenges in the future, so as to constantly increase the investment in innovation and energy saving strategies, and pursue environment-friendly enterprise development. In this way, we have shown our sense of responsibility as one of Chinese manufacturers to the world.

Protecting nature with technology

YIZUMI believes that business success and sustainable development are interdependent, and the sustainable development is not only an urgent task for ecological protection, but also an important factor to achieve business meaning. As an advanced molding equipment system service supplier, we are committed to the development of global low-carbon economy, playing an important role in reducing carbon emissions, promoting circular economy, and increasing the use of renewable energy. We will join hands with our global intelligent partners to protect the nature with a great resolve.

Leading the green and scientific development of the industry

Reducing the influence of production on the environment is our important commitment to the environment. Only with executable resource utilization and environmental protection standards can the enterprise save resources and energy from the very beginning, thus achieving the sustainable and healthy economic development. In 2021, YIZUMI led the formulation of Evaluation Requirements for Green Factories of Plastic Machinery, Evaluation Requirements for Low-carbon Enterprises of Rubber and Plastic injection Molding Machines, and Carbon Dioxide Emission Limits of Rubber and Plastic Injection Molding Machines, which specified ideas and clear requirements for green and low-carbon development in the industry.

Constructing a green and sustainable management system

As a global operation enterprise, YIZUMI not only owns stronger innovation ability and core competitiveness but also accumulates more advanced experience in the field of low-carbon development. Caring for the future, protecting the environment, cherishing resources, coordinating development, improving environmental management system, regularly supervising green production performance, formulating environmental performance and other measures can effectively promote the implementation of green development in the daily operation of enterprises. Moreover, our environmental management system has also been certified by ISO 14001. From now on, we will continue to promote harmony between technology and nature.

Green Production Implement
We adopt new environment-friendly technologies and develop solar PV power generation to greatly reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.
132.12 (tons)
Emissions reduction per year
Solar PV power generation in conventional electricity consumption
1,554,384 (RMB)
Money saved
Further Development
in Green Innovation
Under the background of dual carbon and new energy strategy, adopting cleaner energy and reducing energy consumption will be the trend of the industry and market. In order to keep up with the times development, upstream material equipment manufacturers must take the initiative to develop green resources.
Since our establishment, we have been attaching great importance to the development of environment-friendly, low-carbon and energy-saving technologies. In recent years, We have launched revolutionary products such as all-electric series injection molding machines and LEAP series die-casting machines to meet the growing market demands for environment-friendly products. In response to the national “dual carbon” strategy, we have continuously explored potential opportunities in the upstream and downstream industries, further strengthened investment, research and development and the utilization of environment-friendly, low carbon and energy-saving technologies, launched special machines for PLA degradable materials, and will continue to develop more energy-saving models and actively enhance the sustainable development.
Creating A Greener Future
The annual output value of the whole plastic machinery is nearly 40 billion yuan. If the whole plastic machinery industry applies new processes, new technologies and new energy, plastic machinery manufacturing factories will achieve significant social benefits. In the near future, this standard will be fully promoted in the plastic machinery industry, which will make green factories and green products gain huge economic and social benefits. YIZUMI, as a leading enterprise in the field of molding equipment in China, firmly implements the green development strategy, actively develops and provides green products and technologies, actively protects the environment and effectively implements the sustainable development goals.

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