Enterprise Strategy

Be a world-class enterprise in molding equipment
Focusing on molding equipment, YIZUMI has been committed to promoting the technological progress and providing feasible and sustainable molding equipment solutions with the most return on investment for global customers, by gathering global wisdom, so as to develop our company into a world-class and respectable enterprise leading in scale and influence.
Global expertise solutions for the world
Why do we exist? Is it a commercial success? Is it incremental value? Or the meaning of feelings? The answer is, all. With its commercial success, YIZUMI is a world-class enterprise providing global customers with molding equipment system solutions. The value of YIZUMI is to create a future with global wisdom. The significance of YIZUMI is to add an outstanding Chinese enterprise to the world.
In the past, we used to say that compared with Western companies, the technology of Chinese companies is "we can also do this kind of technology". But now and in the future, all over the world, what YIZUMI wants to achieve is "stronger and better".
Think forward/Swift responce/Strive higher/Advance together
Thinking open, being enterprising, and keeping constant innovation.
Fast responding with a global perspective.
Always working harder and making progress.
Positive, reliable, and success of each other.

Product Strategy

Plastics injection molding machine

Inheriting the philosophy of “fast delivery of a large-scale production of customized and high-quality products”, we are comprehensively unveiling different models of the injection molding machine to cater specifically to the varied needs of the global markets.

Die casting solutions

From a single machine to a complete die casting cell, we provide the turnkey die casting solutions based on our customers' needs.

Thixomolding solutions

From magnesium alloy injection molding machines to part taking spray robots to auxiliary equipment, we design and offer a complete set of die casting island solutions, matching all process and automation components.

Rubber injection molding solutions

Through innovative technology upgrade and modular design, the customers can get customized, intelligent and more cost-effective solutions by simple selection.

Robot automation solutions

Focus on die casting, injection molding, special processes and other fields for many years, we are committed to creating the best return on investment and experience for our customers.

Operation Strategy

Modular product design
Modular multi-stage production plan
Machine assmbly line

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Enterprise Strategy
Product Strategy
Operation Strategy