Overview of Trends

The advent of the digital transformation era has left the machinery manufacturing industry with various challenges while bringing us great opportunities.

We bear a major responsibility in the intelligent manufacturing to achieve the full convergence of technology and related business processes. YIZUMI provides customers with intelligent manufacturing solutions for their industry upgrades and reliable safe production environments.

Digital technology enables innovative business models and offers many opportunities. YIZUMI strives to integrate industrial IoT, industrial cyber security, industrial big data, cloud computing platform, and MES system to create a new intelligent production model for you.

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YIZUMI 4.0 combines the advantages of intelligent machines, intelligent units, intelligent production, and intelligent services to establish a solid foundation for intelligent manufacturing.
Grinding Automation

Robotic grinding and deburring can guarantee the accuracy and reliability of product cleaning while lowering the rate of human scrap. Meanwhile, it could prevent the spread of dust and reduces the dangers of environmental pollution and occupational diseases.

Material Loading/Unloading Automation

High levels of automation and flexibility

Surface Planeness Testing

Rapid response. Accurate detection.

Intelligent Die Casting Cell

YIZUMI Intelligent Die Casting Island focuses on providing a complete set of turnkey solutions for industrial production processes like robotic automated intelligent manufacturing systems, peripheral equipment, and related technical support and services. It meets the fully automated production needs of the die-casting industry and completes the full set of automated production processes such as robot take-out, inlaying, spraying, product cooling, de-slagging, trimming, engraving, conveying, etc. in the die-casting and post-processing related industries, and is suitable for different die-casting production lines.

Die casting robot

By using a linkage mechanism, achieve stable movement of ladling, spraying, and extracting under the ideal tracks. Easy to use and operate. Unlike robotic operations, it does not require maintenance and programming by professional engineers. Suitable for all brands of die casting machines.

Wheel Eyebrow Strip

YIZUMI's wheel eyebrow strip installer is a the special equipment for affixing the left and right automotive wheel eyebrow adhesive strips. The main unit of the system adopts a dual-station turntable. Materials are placed onto the equipment fixture manually. Using two-hand start, the 6-axis robot palm is equipped with automatic adhesive application, drying, and automatic sticker affixing modules to achieve a fully automatic operation. It significantly improves production efficiency while reducing the workload of operators and operating costs.

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