YIZUMI connects global innovation resources

Based on technological research and development and the resolve to catch up with the world's core technologies, YIZUMI has started a new round of technology strategy, by gathering global talents, establishing core technology teams, creating global innovation platforms, building industrial technology strategy alliances, and maintaining stable investment in R&D, to promote the implementation of technological innovation strategies.

International leading figure

Dr.-Ing. Hans Wobbe
Chief Strategy Officer of YIZUMI
Dr. Zhou Jun
Chief Technology Officer of YIZUMI
Stefan Fritsche
Chief Strategy Officer of YIZUMI Die Casting and Metal Forming

Expert Technical Team


Specializing in the research and development of additive manufacturing, special injection molding, semi-solid magnesium alloy technology, and many other machining processes as well as the new processes for lightweight and multi-material applications, the technical team of the German Research and Development Center of Yizumi is committed to cooperating with advanced international research institutions, making breakthroughs in traditional molding technologies, and joining hands with engineers in China headquarters to accelerate the research and development of new technologies.


Specializing in polymer material and light alloy material forming, the Chinese technical team of Yizumi is committed to the core capability construction in overall solutions for intelligent machines, production and services, the upgrade of the existing product serialization platform, and the research and development of new technology, new process and new equipment, so as to provide partners with the optimal, cost-effective, and technology-leading solutions, promote industry progress and development, and to be an industry leader in China.

Gao Chao
Deputy Managing Director of YIZUMI,
General Manager of YIZUMI Die Casting Machine Division
Zhang Tao
Deputy Managing Director of YIZUMI
General Manager of YIZUMI Injection Molding Machine Division
Wang Shihai
General Manager of YIZUMI Rubber Machinery
Yang Yongmin
General Manager of YIZUMI Robotic Automation System
Jiang Xiaojun
Chief Technical Officer of YIZUMI Injection Molding Machine Division

Rooted in India, the Indian technical team adopts the technical experience and culture of the Chinese headquarter, takes the task of connecting technologies in China and India, and focuses on the development and application of intelligent, low-carbon, high-precision injection molding equipment and solutions, to promote and develop the localized application of advanced technologies in the industry.

Global Innovation Platform

In hope to prominently reduce the production and operation cost of enterprises, improve production efficiency, and create greater value, we provide solutions for robotic application and intelligent manufacturing for the production process in different industries.

Global Innovation Center

Technical development: technical route planning, cross-industry technical application, group R&D system, high-end talent cultivation.
Technology management: technology and patent management, innovation management, and R&D program approval of test center and Germany R&D center.
General technology pre-research: simulation design, motion analysis, and motion control.
Industry-university-research cooperation and development: We have successively cooperated with the South China University of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, RWTH Aachen University, and the University of Kassel to jointly explore innovative and cost-effective application solutions.

Research Center for Polymer Processing

Explore new polymer processing application technology, focus on product needs of customers, integrate raw materials, molds, process auxiliary machines, injection molding machines and automation technologies, provide customers with a complete set of process application technology solutions.

Research Center for Die Casting and Metal Molding

Tens of millions have been invested to establish our Research Center for Die Casting and Metal Molding. The center will cooperate with high-quality global customers in die casting and mold manufacturers to conduct the production testing of and research on die casting, semi-solid magnesium alloy, and other molding processes, and provide customers with diversified services including technical support for molding equipment, process training and product development and trial.

Research Center for Advanced Processing Technologies(Germany)

Our Research Center for Die Casting and Metal Molding is located close to RWTH Aachen University, specializing in additive manufacturing, the application of special processes with polymer materials, lightweight, multi-material application process, and other fields.

Research Center for Smart Manufacturing

Focusing on the technical empowerment of big data, cloud computing, digital twin, quantum computing, AI+ and AR/VR, we realize different dimensional system solutions of intelligent host, intelligent unit, intelligent factory and intelligent service, promote the development of intelligent factory with IZP material forming equipment as the core to digitalization, informatization, intelligence and networking, and build data-defined, software-defined, platform-supported adaptive Intelligent manufacturing system.

Industrial Technology Strategic Alliance

As an advanced molding equipment system supplier, YIZUMI has been deeply engaged with customers in comprehensive support for their ability to face innovation challenges in the future.

Industry-University-Research Partners
International Leading Cooperative Enterprises
Yanshan University
Promoting the research and development of advanced technologies in hydraulic control and fluid simulation.
RWTH Aachen University
Cooperation including the research on hydrogen energy economy market and technology, geometry-based injection molding or polyurethane processing without release agent, and many other important ones.
Plastics Institute for SMEs in NRW (KIMW)
Project study for paper-based materials injection molding and surface treatment technology, and other industry-university-research collaboration projects such as the PurWerk specializing in polyurethane direct coating technology to define a new research and development area - PU direct coatings.
Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences
Focus on the equipment optimization design and performance improvement of injection molding, the high precision processing technology of elastomer, and the process parameter evaluation technique for parts quality with YIZUMI Germany.
HS Schmalkalden (KIMW)
A simulation method for the prediction of reactive polyurethane inner coating production process was developed.
Die Casting Institute Kassel (GTK)
Now, Yizumi's semi-solid magnesium alloy thixo-forming machine UN1250MGII is placed in the casting laboratory of GTK for research and development as well as demonstration for customers.
Postdoctoral Workstation
Together to accelerate the company's technological innovation and product innovation and enhance the competitiveness of the its independent core technology.
South China University of Technology
Focus on the research and development of new technologies and equipment for molecular material intelligent molding in injection molding and rubber materials.
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Cooperation in polymer and light alloy forming technology.
Franka Emika GmbH
In March 2019, Franka Emika in Munich signed a cooperation contract with Yizumi, marking the formal establishment of a partnership between the two. Since then, Yizumi has been authorized by Franka Emika to be a distributor for its world-renowned in China and to carry out in-depth cooperation and research and development in the application field.
GK Concept is a partner of Yizumi in engineering project management and molds, committed to satisfying the demands of customers in product design, rheological simulation, FEM simulation, mold design and modeling. The company's core competitiveness lies in back injection technology, physical and chemical foaming technology, lightweight application, and polyurethane application. The projects jointly carried out by the two include: ReactPro, FoamPro & DecoPro.
Exipnos GmbH
As the research and development laboratory of Putsch GmbH and a family-owned company founded in 1922, Exipnos focuses on the research and development of high-end polymers, biopolymers, and the precision coloring of plastic materials, with an independently developed "Direct Composite Injection Molding" (DCIM) technology. It has cooperated with Yizumi to develop a modular DCIM system, which can be integrated with injection molding machine.
Trexel INC
Trexel INC is the exclusive supplier of microcellular foam technology for MuCell® and owns a comprehensive global patent portfolio. In 2017, It has cooperated deeply with Yizumi in MuCell process, assisted Yizumi in developing micro-foaming project, and successively launched FoamPro "Micro-foaming Document Box" in 2017 Yizumi Technology Festival and FoamPro+DecoPro "Automobile Engine Cover" in 2018 Chinaplas.
Headquartered in NRW, Germany, Kostal Group has invested and established more than 50 subsidiaries in 21 countries across the world. The company mainly provide a complete set of solutions for automotive electrical systems, industrial electrical systems, connectors, and testing equipment. In cooperation with the Business Division of Automotive Electrical Systems of Kostal, Yizumi has adopted the ReactPro process to develop new automotive interior products.
Chengdu Dongri Ruimu Machinery Co., Ltd.
Chengdu Dongri, formerly known as Chengfei, an engine manufacturer, is the earliest manufacturer of polyurethane high-pressure foaming equipment in China. It is the innovation leader of the equipment of polyurethane industry and a standing director unit of the Council of China Polyurethane Industry. Yizumi and Dongri are strategic partners jointly promoting the market application of home-made polyurethane reaction molding technology.

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International leading figure
Expert Technical Team
Global Innovation Platform
Industrial Technology Strategic Alliance