YIZUMI is committed to making the production and management of rubber parts intelligent and simple.
To address the demands of customers and the market for intelligence and simplicity, we employ the modular idea to carry out technical innovation and modular equipment design. Customers could acquire personalized, smarter, and more cost-effective solutions by simple selections.

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YL3-VL/F European series

It is an intelligent machine that meets the requirements of Industry 4.0 for the rubber industry. The machine uses the latest core technology, which is more precise and reliable and has "smart" components. Simple operation, less maintenance, and easy management. More comprehensive and accurate data supports intelligent manufacturing, thereby helping customers easily reach their business goals.

YL-Horizontal series

The European technical team is involved in the design. The machine's consistency, reliability and speed performance is according to high standards to ensure the stability of fully automated production quality.

YL2-VL/F Asian series

The high bed structure is compatible with typical Asian mould design. With advanced design concepts and advanced processing technology, the Asian series is widely applicable and cost-effective. It can meet customers' needs in different industries with low investment and excellent performance.

C-frame series

Especially suitable for the production of small precise parts with inserts and profile jointing.
Key Technology
Control system

Clamping technology

Simple structure, stable and rapid movement; low load and high energy efficiency; Low operating height; Durable sealing, less hydraulic oil consumption; Can meet customer's requirement for different opening stroke.

Energy saving and eco-friendly

With the perfect coordination between professional software and hardward, the performance of the dynamic system is significantly improved while extending machine service life and lower production costs.


The concept of modularization is utilised to form a series of standard modules for vaious technologies. By simple selection, a suitable customised solution can be made to meet customers' individual needs.

Plasticizing & injection technology

Special plasticizing and injection system for silicone rubber, which completely solves the problem of air trapping and scorching.


European series
Horizontal series
C-frame series
Asian Series
Special machine series
Compression press series
Specialized molding machine for energy industry
LSR cable accessories series
Air spring molding machine series
Joint-free rubber track molding machine series
Diamond wire saw molding machine series
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On September 22nd, YIZUMI is granted the China Quality Nomination Award, as a result of its outstanding achievements in quality management and excellence in performance management.
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From September 19 to 21, local time, the Die Casting Congress & Tabletop is held in Grand Rapids, USA. YIZUMI presents its latest technological achievements in die casting machines, as well as crucial die casting processes and applications.
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