More powerful network
Higher productivity
Smart production solutions connect various systems in your production processes and integrate them into a whole. This allows you to optimize resources planning while increasing productivity.

Using the various SAAS products on the YI+ platform developed specifically for injection molding machines, you can clearly display and control a cluster of injection molding machines connected in the network. We know the equipment and understand the pain points in all aspects of injection molding production management. Therefore, an in-depth understanding and use of the YI+ platform Condition Monitoring (CMS) and Production Management System (MES/APS/WMS) will always provide an overview of current production and make injection molding production transparent, digital and efficient.

Application Highlights

Integrated communication design

Also include third-party products such as peripherals.


Document product quality and traceability.


Better results and higher injection molding machine cluster efficiency through productivity planning.

Production Transparency

More transparent production through injection molding machine clusters and networking of multiple base units.

Product Classification Introduction

YiCMS 2.0
YiAPS is an intelligent planning and scheduling product focusing on injection molding workshop. Ensure the maximum on-time order delivery through intelligent algorithm to realize one-touch scheduling with limited capacity.
This product provides energy consumption monitoring, statistics and analysis functions to reduce the energy consumption of injection molding machines. It adopts intelligent control technology to automatically and intelligently control the energy supply for hopper drying, reducing the energy consumption of hopper drying by 30% - 50% to achieve the goal of energy consumption monitoring and energy saving.
CMS newly upgraded system offers more clear description of indicators and statistical reports focusing on customers' indicators to provide a better experience.
YiMES is an intelligent manufacturing execution system developed based on the Yi+ platform (Yizumi's Intelligent Equipment Industry Internet Platform) that integrates IoT, cloud computing, edge computing, big data, AI, and other new generation ICT technologies to provide the most cost-effective professional intelligent injection molding solutions.
With YiCMS, companies can monitor equipment anytime and anywhere, view data such as equipment uptime, utilization, product qualification ratio, production cycle, and output. You can also monitor machine failure and receive automatic WeChat message alerts.
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