Application of YIZUMI Die-casting Machines in 5G, 3C Thin-walled Products, and Other Die Castings with High Requirements
With the development of technology, the market share of tele-communication products has been gradually increasing. The rise of 5G tele-communication has driven the entire market of thin-walled parts for communication products. The requirements for thin-walled aluminum products are also increasing. YIZUMI offers you a decisive advantage and "definite quality" for your parts.

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Total Solutions for the Production of Thin-Walled 5G and 3C Products
The overall concept of production equipment, professional expertise advice, and excellent service support——your one-stop solution.
With YIZUMI, you will receive a total solution that meets the requirements of your 5G or 3C industry:
From machines to automation, peripherals, and continuous support for your production by our application engineers. We work together with you to develop the right overall solutions for your facility, coordinate all components, and empower you with decisive advantages. We provide strong support for your die casting process and product design and offer you additional expertise in process technology and process management. As a reliable and competent partner, we help you streamline your daily operations and ensure smooth production.
Professional Expertise That Meets All Requirements
No matter what kind of challenging component you produce, our application technical specialists can ensure that you get the right quality.
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The Unique Rapid Pump Feeding Technology for LEAP Machine

Patented servo compensation technique results in excellent productivity, energy savings, and precise control of the die-casting machine. This kind of technology could save energy by between 40 and 70%. The primary pump's lifespan is extended using energy compensation technology, which also results in a secondary energy savings of more than 5%.

ORCA Control System

Based on Yi-CastMaster functional assistance and multi-touch operation to reduce customer learning costs. The master AI core control algorithm, which is specifically design for die-casting island integrated control. Through visual graphic interface, easier HMI could be achieve.

Yi-Cast Injection System

With AI self-learning function, it could realize full closed-loop real-time control of the pressurized injection to precisely control and monitor the process. Meanwhile, the patented technology of differential pressurized injection could realize slow and precise stable control to enhance the dynamic pressurized injection force.

Highly Integrated Die-Casting Cells

It is possible to achieve plug-and-play and rapid adjusting of peripheral devices. HMI smoothly incorporates several types of information from auxiliary equipment. Die-casting process is visible and traceable due to the centralized control of digital island.

Re-designed Clamping System

Accurate control of any position mold opening. The repeatability accuracy of the mold opening position is up to ±1mm. It also offers clamping force detection and automatic mold adjustment features.

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