Thixomolding Magnesium Components as Easy as Plastic Injection Molding

Over 80% lightweighting compared with the traditional liquid die casting biscuit.

Better Fluidity

Better fluidity at low temperature than liquid casting.

Better Structure

Approximate to spherical or cellular metallographic structure.

Industry Application

Relevant Recommendation
Relevant Technologies
Relevant Processes

Ultra-high-speed injection control technology

High-speed injection performance achieved through high speed/response servo valve control. The strong acceleration performance of injection piston is up to 200m/s², maximum injection speed up to 5m/s. High-speed control can be easily accomplished using a 10.4 inch touch screen for simple operation and the scanning time is just 0.4 ms. The modular design of the control system enables simple functional expansion and equips it with the standard configuration of the Ethernet interface, allowing it to communicate with peripherals and the accompanying management software. A real-time monitoring system would allow for quick viewing of the machine's parameters. Molding accuracy and stability at a glance, statistics on actual production parameters, the open mold end position deviation is up to 0.1mm and an injection end position variation 0.4mm, and steady performance are all provided by the multi-mode curve overlap display function.

Pre-heating and feeding technology

The pre-heating and feeding technology of thixomolding machines achieves the function of preheating solid Mg alloy granules by replacing the ordinary hopper, thereby reducing the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the screw barrel to reduce the melting time it would take in the screw barrel.

Hot runner technology of Mg Thixomolding

The hot runner technology in Mg Thixomolding application keeps the Mg alloy material in the mold runner and gate melted by heating, which is highly suitable for conditions like mass production, production of expensive raw materials and strict product quality requirements are needed.

Service Process

Process/Mold Analyse and Design
  • Raw materials selection
  • Product design
  • Mold flow analysis
  • Mold design suggestion
Equipment Selection Suggestions
  • Product performance
  • Product quality
  • Ease of use
  • Safety requirements
Whole Plant Planning Advice
  • Planning of production line
  • Arrangements for people, machines, and materials according to process flow
  • Peripheral automation
  • Smart connection
Delivery Solutions
  • Professional installation and debugging
  • On-site operation training
  • Molding process training
After Sales Solutions
  • YFO services
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Device upgrade
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