Metal Molding Technology
With the market trend toward lightweighting, YIUZMI created a variety of thixomolding machines to better meet the demands of high thermal conductivity and high-performance production, adopting low-speed and high-pressure die-casting process parameters and the utilization of stock-making equipment to effectively improve the mechanical properties of products, temperature control, and the application of vacuum system of mold process to reduce internal air/shrinkage of products and also improve the OEE.

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Mg Thixomolding

Thixomolding Magnesium Components as Easy as Plastic Injection Molding

Thixomolding Technology
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YIZUMI Wins China Quality Nomination Award of the 5th "China Quality Award"
On September 22nd, YIZUMI is granted the China Quality Nomination Award, as a result of its outstanding achievements in quality management and excellence in performance management.
YIZUMI at 2023 Die Casting Congress & Tabletop in North America
From September 19 to 21, local time, the Die Casting Congress & Tabletop is held in Grand Rapids, USA. YIZUMI presents its latest technological achievements in die casting machines, as well as crucial die casting processes and applications.
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