YIZUMI Shows Automotive and Healthcare Solutions at CPLAS 2023


On September 15, the three-day CPLAS 2023, namely the 6th China (Chongqing) International Plastics Industry Exhibition, is held at Chongqing International Expo Center.

At Hall S1-A02, YIZUMI shows three advanced injection molding solutions that cover automobiles and healthcare, while focusing on the exhibition theme of "Innovative Manufacturing, Green Development, and Recycling" and combining with local industry features and customer needs.

Chongqing is a well-known automotive city in China. Due to the rapid expansion of the new energy vehicle industry in recent years, the use of new processes and technologies in automotive structural parts has drawn a lot of interest.

Mr. Zhang Tao, Deputy Managing Director of YIZUMI and General Manager of YIZUMI Injection Molding Machine Division, attends the opening ceremony. The ceremony marks the smooth opening of CPLAS 2023, an ideal platform for visitors to communicate and exchange ideas about the industry and market trends, promoting business cooperation and expansion.

YIZUMI exhibits molding solutions for two-color auto optical parts, IMC panels of auto side doors, micro preservation tubes, and Yi+Platform on site, attracting global visitors to interact with us.

Advanced Molding Solutions

Molding solution for IMC panel of auto side doors

UN500D1-E hybrid injection molding machine adopts a two-platen clamping unit and an electric-driven injection unit, combined with the special mold for IMC panel and robots to embed inserts (circuit boards) and pick products, providing integrated solutions for customers developing new products of auto parts, home appliances, and 3C electronics.

UN500D1-E hybrid injection molding machine

Product: IMC panel for auto side door

Cavity: 1

Material: ABS920

Size (L×W×H): 456*125.1*20mm

Weight: 82g/pc

Cycle time: 90s

Molding solution for two-color auto optical parts

The UN230CE-BTP all-electric multi-component injection molding machine is equipped with special mold for two-color auto optical part. It combines intelligent weight control and clamping force functions to achieve precise, stable and efficient production. It also combines standard electric intelligent injection technology, which improves the part’s weight repeatability accuracy by 50% and can better meet the customer needs for intelligent production.

UN230CE-BTP all-electric multi-component injection molding machine

Product: Two-color auto optical part

Cavity: 4+4

Material: PC+ABS

Size: Φ23*12.3mm

Weight: 2.5g/pc

Cycle time: 38s

Molding solution for micro preservation tube

FF240M is equipped with high-precision 64-cavity micro preservation tube mold. Its product weight difference reaches 1.02+/-0.01g, with a cycle time of 9s and a daily capacity of 690,000 pieces. It can provide environmentally friendly and high-efficient solutions for injection production in an ISO 7 cleanroom.

FF240M electric injection molding machine special for medical industry

Product: Micro preservation tube

Cavity: 64

Material: PP

Size: Φ10*45mm

Weight: 1.02g/pc

Cycle time: 9+/-1s


Yi+Platform is used in the polymer material molding industry for production management, which integrates IoT, Cloud, Big Data and other new generation ICT technologies to solve issues such as equipment monitoring, efficiency statistics, equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, process parameter monitoring and traceability, etc., improving production efficiency and product quality. It currently includes two products: Yi MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and Yi CMS (Condition Monitor System).

To further improve its comprehensive service capabilities and brand image in local market, YIZUMI has established its South-West Operation Center in Chongqing, China in 2020. Now the center has a professional sales and service team, which also provides careful services for neighboring regions.

YIZUMI starts a new 20-year journey in 2023 with a goal of being among the top 5 manufacturers of injection molding machines globally. We will adhere to strategic planning, market demand and development trends to design products and technology roadmaps, develop new technologies and processes, and increase research investment to gain more market share and create greater values for customers.

*The data above were acquired by testing in the factory, only for your reference. As to the specific data, please refer to the actual equipment.

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