BIAN: Sailing Smoothly Across the Sea With Excellent Products


Foshan Nanhai Bian Metal Product Co., Ltd (Bian) specializes in die casting for all kinds of industries, including automotive components, LED lighting fixtures, kitchenware, construction hardware, medical accessories, telecommunication hardware and so on. Bian offers one-stop solution for die casting manufacturing, from the mold design to feasibility analysis, from mold building to production, from secondary operations to surface treatment, from prototype to mass production.

Bian strives to ensure customer satisfaction by providing castings that meet or exceed customers' expectations. After more than 10 years in die casting, Bian understands that it's not one department that gives them the ability to provide quality parts on time. It's the collected knowledge, experience and fluid communication between the experts who work in its tool room, quality, die casting, secondaries, maintenance, customer service and logistics that make Bian a superior die casting manufacturer.

Bian is well-known for the high quality of its products, with over 70% of them exported to countries and regions such as Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and the United States, etc.

To expand its North American markets by its Mexican production base

In Chinese, "Bian" refers to the land on the other side of the water, which implies the desirable state. When Mr. Fu Xianhe, general manager of Bian, founded the company, he considered that the name "Bian" contained the company's vision - to strive for a desirable goal despite challenges.

Bian was founded in 2013 and specializes in the design and manufacture of precision die casting molds. In 2014, it set up die casting production lines, becoming a manufacturing enterprise that combines precision die casting and mold making. In the same year, it established "Bian (HK) Metal Product Co.,Ltd." and began entering the global market.

Based on its operational strategy, Bian intends to rent a factory in Mexico for production and sales in 2023. Thanks to its unique geographical location, the Mexican production base can not only meet the needs of the local market, but also those of neighboring countries and regions, driving the development of other North and South American markets.

Mr. Fu Xianhe said, "The layout of overseas production bases can not only retain profits but also effectively avoid various barriers. The Mexican production base will increase our local production capacity, allowing us to be more adaptable in the face of rising international transportation costs and logistics challenges, shorten supply cycles, and speed our entry into the global market."

To develop both the main business and the new energy business

Mr. Fu Xianhe has over 20 years of mold experience, giving him a wealth of industry expertise, leading Bian to grow into an industry leader.

He said, "Love what you do and steep yourself in it. As a traditional manufacturer, we must first consolidate our main business, which is design, development and production of outdoor light casings. Meanwhile, we must focus on global development trends and policies, and then plan accordingly."

Outdoor light casings

In recent years, new energy vehicles (NEVs) have seen a significant increase in market size and development. Bian has also closely followed the development and application of new energy, and actively sought entry points to eventually take a large market share.

"Companies, like people, should develop with a long-term strategy. The new energy development is both sustainable and competitive. And in the next years, we will strive to gain a foothold in the automotive industry to ensure our long-term development." Mr. Fu Xianhe said.

YIZUMI HII series cold chamber die casting machine

Now, Bian is well prepared for the production of new energy products in terms of talents, equipment, organization, and other aspects. In addition, it has steadily promoted its global layout and introduced several sets of HII series cold chamber die casting machines to produce core components of NEVs such as OBC, DC/DC converter and PDU, helping it develop better.

To revitalize production lines with new equipment

As soon as you step into Bian's tidy workshop, you'll see dozens of die casting machines with robots producing electronic control units and motor casings and orderly placing them onto the conveyors while operators inspect and pack finished products.

Mr. Fu Xianhe introduced, "Most of our products are currently exported to countries including the United States and Japan through both offline distribution channels and online international trade sites like Alibaba. Notably, manufacturing facilities from YIZUMI and other partners contribute to our successful market promotion."

The production of electric units for NEVs demands great mechanical performance. For example, there are some complex products with many slides and wall thicknesses range from 3 mm to 5 mm, which will bring more risks for shrinkage during die casting process. To pass airtightness testing, the products must meet strict quality standards and demand carefully die maintenance.

Electric units for NEVs

The upgraded HII series die casting machines have improved casting performance, including enhanced injection force and 30% increase in pressure build-up time, allowing process engineers to control speed switching in the fast injection stage with more precision and repeatability. Die opening and closing time has been reduced by more than 10%, greatly reducing cycle time and improving production efficiency.

Mr. Fu Xianhe added, "The stable and efficient performance and easy operation of YIZUMI HII series die casting machines greatly save cycle time and improve production efficiency, significantly increasing our on-time delivery rate and credibility."

Over the last decade, BIAN has had a challenging entrepreneurial journey to achieve its current success, indicating that it has moved with the times with a foresighted and innovative development footprint. In the future, it will stay with its original aspiration and continue to export high quality products to global markets.

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