YIZUMI's Pioneering Excellence in the North American Market


YIZUMI, as an advanced industrial molding equipment system and service provider strives to create value for global customers through a strategy of globalization. Since its acquisition of the century-old company HPM in 2011, YIZUMI has accelerated its development and expansion in the North American Market. Throughout its journey of growth in the North American Market, YIZUMI has painted an impressive picture of progress in the field of equipment manufacturing. This journey has been marked by technological innovation, exceptional products, and comprehensive customer support.

01 Brand

Accelerating the entry into the North American Market with global strategy

As early as 2005, YIZUMI actively expanded its overseas markets. In 2011, YIZUMI acquired the well-known American machinery manufacturer HPM, which boasts a history of over a century, along with all of its intellectual property rights, further enhancing YIZUMI's competitiveness in the international market.

With the acquisition of HPM, the vast manufacturing ecosystem and innovative environment in the North American Market have become a crucial component of YIZUMI's global expansion strategy. This move signifies YIZUMI's accelerated entry into the North American Market and its confidence in capturing the market through technological innovation.

According to YIZUMI's 2022 annual report, the overseas revenue has exceeded 910 million Chinese Yuan (125 million USD), showing a year-on-year growth of 8.63%. The revenue share from overseas operations has reached 24.76%, representing a significant component of YIZUMI's high-quality market development. Leveraging the HPM brand and our global network of international experts, YIZUMI has solidified its existing international markets. Intensified efforts in strategic market development achieved new breakthroughs in overseas markets and fully showcased the strong international image of the YIZUMI brand for the benefit of our customers.

02 Market

Business emphasizing "standardization" and "glocalization"

YIZUMI's pursuit of a strong global footprint is based on a focus of "standardization of products and operations" to effectively address the specific market demands of North American customers.

Upon entering the North American Market, YIZUMI swiftly implemented an operation with "Glocalization" strategy. With a global mindset and localized operations, YIZUMI is fostering closer connections with local customers and delivering higher-quality products and services.

YIZUMI has actively strengthened and established local sales, technical and service teams. This initiative aims to enhance responsiveness and foster a deeper understanding, enabling the company to provide efficient turnkey solutions for North American customers. Based on this solid foundation, YIZUMI’s expansion of its facility in Ohio, USA is in progress. Upon completion, the facility will be better equipped to meet capacity demands and North American customer requirements.

03 Product

Driven by technology innovation to develop the North American Market

The development of YIZUMI's products has always closely followed the pace of technological innovation. Since its establishment in 2002, YIZUMI has consistently emphasized innovation and development of technology. Leveraging its own technological strengths, the company has established specialized technical departments in various areas including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automation control, energy efficiency, new materials, new processes, and software development. With more than 300 patented technological achievements, YIZUMI has laid a solid foundation for its growth.

In the field of die-casting solutions, the independently developed LEAP series of 7,000-ton and 9,000-ton ultra-large die-casting machines offer great benefits to customers due to its enhanced injection capacity ensuring highly precise and repeatable casting processes. The state-of-the-art LEAP die casting machine technology allows YIZUMI to offer ultra-large structural casting solution for NEV manufacturing with highest production efficiency.

In the field of injection molding machines, YIZUMI has achieved breakthroughs in key technologies with the development and official delivery of an 8,500-ton ultra-large injection molding machine. This accomplishment has solidified YIZUMI's leading position in the realm of ultra-large injection molding machines, opening up greater possibilities for the application of large plastic components.

Drawing on the century-long experience of HPM, YIZUMI continues to embrace innovation as an unwavering pursuit. For us, this means blending global leading molding equipment and process technologies with the practical demands of local markets. The products introduced in the North American Market have gained significant popularity, becoming the trusted choice for numerous manufacturers. Our product lines encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from small-scale machines to high-performance large-scale equipment. Distinguished by their exceptional performance, intelligent design, and stable functionality, these products have brought outstanding production efficiency and competitiveness to manufacturers in North America.

04 Collaboration

Building partnerships envisions a promising future

YIZUMI's success and growth in the North American Market is not only based on technological innovation but also on the collaborative efforts of its partners. The company actively establishes close cooperation with customers and partners in North America, jointly driving technological innovation and market success. YIZUMI emphasizes a collaborative win-win approach, creating value for customers by providing tailor-made solutions to meet the evolving market demands.

In the spirit of HPM's long tradition in the North American Market, YIZUMI continues to innovate relentlessly, offering customers more technological breakthroughs, exceptional products, and customized solutions with the goal of contributing to our customers' success. YIZUMI is determined to become a global world-class enterprise by continuing to provide best cost solutions with leading technology to our customers.

YIZUMI's growth in the North American Market vividly showcases its technological innovation and industry influence. By actively leading technological trends and promoting win-win collaborations, YIZUMI has left a profound mark on the North American Market. Its exceptional team, outstanding products and unwavering spirit of innovation have laid out a bright blueprint for the future of the molding and casting equipment industry.

Join YIZUMl at NADCA Die Casting Congress & Tabletop. It will be held from September 19 to 21 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As an exhibitor, YIZUMI will showcase advanced die-casting technology and products of the LEAP series and HII series die-casting machines. YIZUMI is looking forward to seeing you on site.

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